We build fence, decks, and clear the land/lots that they will be built on.

We look forward to having you as a customer for life. You can count on us when quality matters.

If you live around Lake Livingston TX then you can count on us as a contracting resource for the work we do and to refer you to quality home remodeling and construction professionals in the area.

Fence Construction

In todays environment even rural homes, properties, and plots of land should have a fence. Theft of personal and private property is at an all time high. Protect your privacy and property from the least respectable in society with a good quality security fence or privacy fence.

The simple fact of having something as simple as a corral or split rail fence will define your properties boundaries and keep the honest out and give the dishonest a reason to have a second thought about coming on to your property. In addition all of our fence options can be upgraded for security, pet containment, livestock, or privacy.

Deck Construction

One of the best benefits of owning your home is the ability to make modifications and improvements to it. One of the most frequently asked for addition to a home ore lake house is a wooden deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen.

If you are looking for a simple deck in the backyard to clean some fish and have a fish fry or BBQ we can do that. If you are looking for a more complex elevated deck we can do that also. Finally, if you are looking for a full blown outdoor kitchen with rock work, pergola, gas grill, and outdoor cooler we can do that too.

We plow & till garden plots

A lot of rural homes have or have either tried their hand at a small vegetable garden. The only problem is that it is a lot of work to prepare the ground for planting if you don't have a tractor.

Give us a call and we can prepare an area of your property to start planting. We can brush hog the area, plow the dirt, till the dirt, even build you a garden fence to keep the deer and rabbits out.

Residential Lot Clearing

So you finally got your plot of land near the lake or out in the country. Now you have to clear off the lot or land to make it useful.

We don't provide a clear cut & clear service but we do clear underbrush and remove trees up to 6" in diameter. If you are looking for a natural looking lot after clearing call us. We don't run everything down with a bulldozer and destroy all plant life.